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We are the service provider that assures for automotive manufacturers and suppliers the quality of their products and processes throughout the entire value chain. As a partner of our customers we are on site worldwide. In the shortest time possible we offer resources and solutions to assure that vehicles and components are ready for the market and we ensure that service processes are implemented and optimized.

Our market-leading concepts and individual, scalable solutions ensure that the production process is continuously supplied with faultless parts. We take over the complete quality assurance processes, including necessary supplier development and qualification, we execute manual tests and rework of components and vehicles, and we are the global partner for necessary, fast turn-around vehicle conversions or retrofits.

To maintain the necessary quality and reliability for start of production, we test entire vehicles, vehicle systems, and components, and prepare technical documentation, such as repair manuals and the glove compartment literature.

At the interface of manufacturer, retail, and customer we take over and optimize aftersales processes and thus, among other things, we ensure compliance with and implementation of quality standards in dealer and service processes, reduction of warranty costs, and ultimately through the preparation of new and used vehicles, we ensure the salability of these vehicles.

Acquisitions strengthen market position

CPS Quality , headquartered in France, joined the Formel D Group in October 2019. The company offers services in the area of quality management worldwide, ensuring an increased global presence, faster response times, and greater flexibility for Formel D, all while keeping with high quality standards.

With the acquisition of Vdynamics , the Group is continuing to strengthen its market position, particularly in the areas of (virtual) testing and software validation.


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