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Formel D has developed a corporate culture that builds on openness, honesty, fairness, and the willingness to take on responsibility. We have defined our corporate guidelines in accordance with these values.

As an international enterprise in the automotive services sector we must know and take into account many statutory regulations in Germany and abroad. Consequently we adhere to our corporate guidelines in the moral interaction with colleagues, supervisors, and customers. These include the Formel D Compliance Regulations, Code of Conduct, and Anticorruption Guidelines.

Formel D orients itself to legal standards

Relative to the Compliance Regulations Formel D orients itself to the applicable legal standards. Together we take a stand against corruption and unfair competition. In regular contact with customers our attention is particularly focused on the areas:

  • Gifts or favors
  • Invitation to restaurants or events
  • Advantageous business relationships
  • Secrecy
  • Private businesses
  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs is prohibited

Formel D preserves integrity

We expect from our responsible bodies and employees correct conduct in day-to-day business operation and everyday business life. For us integrity is the prerequisite for the reputation and economic success of a globally active enterprise.

Formel D rejects corrupt behavior

We prohibit any type of corruption and reject unlawful conduct. Moreover, we expect from our responsible bodies, and employees that they do not avail themselves of any corrupt or other unlawful practices.

Compliance - Reporting

We are asking our employees and business partners to actively commit to observing our compliance regulations and to report any concerns they may have about a possible violation.

Telephone Hotline at EXPOLINK
+44 1249 661808 (subject to charge)

EXPOLINK's external online portal

Email to:

Chief Compliance Officer
Formel D Group
Phone: +49 22 41 / 996-108

Details can be found here.

Code of Conduct of the Formel D Group

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