Formel D

Corporate structure

Together we are successful.

A strong global presence, an extensive product portfolio, fast response times, and a great deal of flexibility: Our subsidiaries play a very important role in enabling us to offer our customers personalized, needs-based solutions.

Key facts

  • in 22 countries
  • more than 90 locations
  • more than 12,000 employees from 45 nations
  • 363 € million revenue (last updated: 2020)

Formel D Group companies

  • CPS Quality CPS Quality Member of the Formel D Group
    • CPS Quality employs roughly 2,000 employees and specializes in quality control measures with focus on the automotive industry. Founded in 2004, the company is present in France, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, and Morocco. Since 2019, CPS Quality has been a part of the Formel D Group.

  • Formel K GmbH Formel K GmbH Member of the Formel D Group
    • Formel K GmbH was founded in 1992. Within the Group it acts as a unit for commercial services in the reactive quality assurance of vehicles and parts in series production, as well as for training in Germany. In addition, Formel K GmbH has a license for commercial personnel leasing.

  • Vdynamics GmbH | MobileNext GmbH Vdynamics GmbH | MobileNext GmbH Member of the Formel D Group
    • Vdynamics is a service provider focusing on physical and virtual testing of automotive software. The company with headquarters in Munich was founded in 2012 and employs around 100 people – mainly engineers. Along with Vdynamics, MobileNext is also part of the Formel D Group as a specialist for tool and software development. Even after the integration in 2019, Vdynamics and MobileNext continue to operate under their existing company names. By focusing on software validation in development, the companies optimally complement Formel D’s existing range of services.

Formel D national subsidiaries

  • Formel D GmbH
  • Formel D Österreich GmbH
  • Formel D Polska SP. z o.o.
  • Formel D Ceská republika s.r.o.
  • Formel D Magyarország Kft.
  • Formel D Slovakia s.r.o.
  • Formel D Italia s.r.l.
  • Formel D España S.R.L
  • Formel D Russland OOO
  • Formel D Korea Co., Ltd.
  • Formel D Shanghai Co. Ltd.
  • Formel D India Private Ltd.
  • Formel D Mexico S. de R.L.
  • Formel D USA Inc.
  • Formel D do Brasil Ltda.
  • Formel D Romania S.R.L
  • Formel D SA Plt.
  • Formel D UK Ltd.
  • Formel D Frankreich S.A.R.L.

You will also find a complete overview of the individual locations of our national subsidiaries under the following link.







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