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Corporate Social Responsibility

Together we take on responsibility. By sharing our success, we actively participate in shaping the future and thus support selective social, ecological, and sustainable projects.

As a forward-looking global enterprise we place particular value on efficient handling of resources in the overall work process. We align our daily activity based on our company-internal sustainability principle that encompasses social and ecological commitment, as well as sustainability.

Sustainability Report 2019

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Successfully economizing with principle of sustainability

Environmental protection is an important component in all of our process steps. With a careful separation of waste, efficient use of energy, and environmentally-friendly business equipment at all locations, we actively contribute to sustainable handling of resources.

For example, our business equipment includes, in addition to the furnishings of a modern resource-efficient washing facility, a solar power system for production of renewable energies. With a total capacity of 20,000 kW a year, the system on the roof of our headquarters in Troisdorf produces as much energy as would be consumed by an average four-person household in a year* (*source: Survey conducted by the NRW Energy Agency).

We consider it as our responsibility to contribute to sustainable protection of the climate and resources.

Social engagement with Star Care e.V.

We are very particularly concerned about the welfare of sick children, handicapped children and children in social distress. In a partnership with the charitable association Star Care e.V. we support local social projects throughout Germany. With a lot of passion, a high level of commitment and fast, non-bureaucratic aid, members and partners support medical facilities, institutions for the handicapped, and homes for children.

Photo: Clowns im Dienst e.V.

Founded in Stuttgart in 1999 as a charitable association, the network now numbers 25 members who are involved personally and voluntarily. The association is supported by approximately 30 partner companies, private persons and external friends. The income through Star Care activities, events, and donations benefit needy children.

Environmental protection with OroVerde

In addition to social responsibility we are also committed to environmentally-responsible action. Consequently we actively support a project in Guatemala of the internationally active rain forest foundation OroVerde. Our objective is to protect the Earth's most species-rich, and at the same time, the Earth's most endangered ecosystem. We support the reforestation of former rain forest areas by having 10 or 25 trees planted appropriately for each employee service anniversary. As a result in a few years there will be a new rain forest. Moreover, together with the foundation and a local environmental organization we are erecting a stable water supply, training the people on site, and awaking the awareness for protection of the important tropical forests.

Photo: OroVerde e.V., Construction of a water pipe in Guatemala

With OroVerde we have decided on a foundation that convinces through its professional and cooperative management. Closely meshed with scientists from around the world, the foundation provides the required start-up support and supports project participants, who with great commitment and knowledge are moving protection of nature forward.







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