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Product Development

Testing ahead of production

Even in the development phase, the conditions for producing - following extensive testing - a vehicle or component that is faultless, legal and process-optimized have to be satisfied. The foundation stones for easy servicing and maintenance are also laid in this early phase.

Formel D manages the process and the implementation

We manage these test processes and also offer the entire test vehicle fleet. Formel D has not only technological, but also organizational and logistical expertise. We play to our strengths: defining, organizing and implementing test and validation processes, including logistics and fleet management.

Looking for an integrated solution for your test processes? Formel D is skilled and precise.

  • Assembly and fleet management of mules and test vehicles
  • Testing of overall vehicles, components and functions
  • Taking on completely outsourced test processes and test center operations
  • Support for country-specific approval processes and technical acceptance procedures
Build up Mule- and Test Vehicles

Setup and commissioning of concept-, prototype- and preproduction vehicles as well as preparation of test vehicles through installation measurement technology and sensors, covers, etc.

Vehicle Testing

Conducting test drives and benchmark tests as well as fleet management of test vehicles

Vehicle Test Center Operations

Design, setup and operation of test centers including the logistics of test vehicles and prototype parts


Management of the country-specific approval process up to the technical acceptance

Software testing

Virtualization of test instances and testing of all relevant software functions at a specific point in vehicle development with requirement-based testing.







Product Development





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