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Software testing

Software tests are already mandatory in development

Due to the continually growing number of assistance systems and safety functions, more and more software is being installed in vehicles, resulting in an increased risk of software bugs with potentially serious consequences. Software bugs detected too late and the resulting recall campaigns can become quite costly for manufacturers. As a preventive measure, software has to be put to the test during the vehicle developmental phase.

Formel D V model

Manufacturers shouldn’t wait for serial approval, instead carrying out software testing over the course of the several years of vehicle development and advancement. We offer a comprehensive package in collaboration with our subsidiary Vdynamics GmbH . As performing all software testing in vehicles is inefficient, we virtualize test instances. With requirements-based testing, we validate all relevant software functions at a specific point in vehicle development.

Extensive software testing portfolio

Our extensive portfolio includes the following services:

  • Requirements management

    Coordinating with suppliers and developers, we formulate the requirements for a product so that they reflect the developer’s intention, and are thus clear and testable.

  • Test development

    We first define the exact requirements and then derive tests that can be performed on both test benches and in the vehicle. For reasons of efficiency, the tests should be carried out at test benches and not the vehicle whenever possible. Finally, we automate the process for efficient testing and results analysis.

  • Testing and analysis

    We develop a detailed analysis of the test results, assess errors based on the severity of their effects in collaboration with the developers, and finally provide an approval recommendation.

    We work quickly and efficiently in compliance with all internal and external regulations in accordance with ISO 26262 (corporate and group standards, ASIL, fault tolerance time, safe state). In this way, we ensure the functional reliability and quality of the software, the safety of test drivers, and, after series approval, the safety of drivers and others on the road.

  • Test management

    Our test management plans, organizes, and controls all workflows for timely, reliable delivery of requirements, automated tests, and analyzed and assessed test results. The unit also defines a dependable, compliant test strategy taking the aspects of efficiency and economy into consideration. Last but not least, test management is your first point of contact and can provide you with precise information on the current status of your project.

  • Software and tool development

    Our internal software and tool development supports all processes with customized tools that are optimally tailored to our range of tasks. This helps us to respond efficiently, quickly, and transparently, contributing to the success of your project.







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