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As experts in quality assurance and process optimization, we help you qualify your employees and your entire supply chain.

Formel D develops training sessions and seminars all over the world covering a variety of fields, such as technical training, software testing, process management, quality management, and supplier development. The courses are intended for your own employees as well as your suppliers. From standardized method training to workshops tailored to your company, we cover the entire spectrum from a single source. The training sessions are geared to your exact needs, and the trainers are qualified and approved based on these individual requirements. This enables long-term, structured and cost-optimized qualification measures for suppliers and employees.


Cooperations partner

As a seminar provider, ISARTAL akademie specializes in engineers and skilled professionals from systems and software engineering.

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An excerpt from our training portfolio:

Advantages at a glance

  • Target group and customer-specific
  • Qualified team of trainers
  • Experts in developing training concepts
  • Parallel introduction of training worldwide possible
  • Comprehensive support
  • Continual feedback
  • Blended learning concept
  • Modular training options
  • Innovative invoicing models
  • Established partner

Our training expertise goes far beyond just carrying out sessions. Our SEC - Skill Enhancement Center is a full-service training academy.

We support you throughout the entire process, from conceptualization and the principles of teaching, to global rollout planning and implementation at national and international locations. In addition, we organize the function rooms, invitations, registrations, invoicing for participants and even support going beyond the seminar.







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