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Location: Midlands/Liverpool

The Supervisor is responsible for initiating and supervising all projects assigned to him/her.

Roles and responsibilities:

Their functions and responsibilities will depend on whether there are Team Leaders or not. When there is no team leader in the project, the supervisor will assume the functions of the team:

  • Project planning
  • Contact person
  • Confirmation

Launching of projects through initial meetings with the client, to establish:

  • Customer needs
  • References to control
  • Ok / Nok criteria
  • Staff needs, possible shifts, weekends.
  • Output (time / piece)
  • Define client interlocutors; of logistics, quality, production ...
  • Define the periodicity of sending the documentation to the client

Implementation of the project:

  • Request of personnel to the Department of Organization and documentation.
  • Inform HR or the Organisation and Documentation Department of the need for PRL documentation.
  • Decide who will welcome the new inspectors
  • Work instructions
  • Identification of parts, defects ...
  • Description of the lay-out
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation (Result Sheet, Annex sign inspectors, Time sheets, ...).
  • Identify the specific material needs for the project and inform the Project Manager.

Project maintenance:

  • Negotiate with the client and implement modifications.
  • Project monitoring
  • Modify instructions
  • Work zone
  • Staff organization, number of inspectors, shifts ...
  • Discuss the limit samples and sign them.
  • Audit
  • Check that the Result Sheet is sent correctly to Formel D and to the customer.

Completion of the project:

  • Report the completion to Formel D and the client
  • Collect the excess material
  • Ensure that all documentation has been sent

If you feel you have the skills we are looking for and wish to apply for the position, please send us all relevant documentation - via email ( - including your salary requirements, your earliest start date and the job reference number.

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