Formel D


Location: Midlands/Liverpool

Function and responsibilities:

Launching of projects, that is, those projects in which finished product is not verified or have mechanical content and maintenance.

Organisation of the workplace:

They are going to implement:

  • The work system
  • Lay-out
  • Identification of the material and parts (Ok, Nok and doubtful)
  • Audit document

Reception of the personnel in the workplace:

  • Facilitate the entry of the worker in the client company

Train the worker regarding:

  • Regulations of Formel D and the client company
  • To the project (pieces to inspect and / or rework, use of instructions, visual aids, etc ...)
  • Completion of the necessary documentation to report the results of their work (how, when and to whom).
  • Audit inspectors

Follow-up on the project: The team leaders will be responsible for reporting to their immediate superiors any incidents that may arise during the course of the project

At the technical level:

Criteria changes

Material needs

Extra documentation of the project, if necessary.

At the personnel level:

Possible conflicts between workers

Detect personnel needs (reinforce shifts, cancel shifts, replace personnel, etc ...)

At the client level:

They will be the direct contact of the client for all those issues directly related to the project. When the client's needs exceed the responsibilities of the Team Leader, he/she must inform their supervisor.


They will be able to work in the same or several work centers. They can also return at any time to the category of inspector when the project ends or for the needs of the company.

If you feel you have the skills we are looking for and wish to apply for the position, please send us all relevant documentation - via email ( - including your salary requirements, your earliest start date and the job reference number.

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